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With a background in architecture, I approach problems systematically while maintaining a consistent creative vision. I use storytelling to reach individuals through a sense of unique but shared experience. As a professional, this means understanding users, their backgrounds, and their goals. Throughout my career, I have had a multi-faceted approach. In conjunction with academic experience in game design, creative writing, and research make me a thoughtful storyteller who can bring together a team to create transformative content for diverse audiences.

Supporting cross-functional teams has been a hallmark of my career. Starting as a junior designer at Auerbach Glasow, I received two promotions within my first year because of my ability to identify and solve problems beyond the original scope of my responsibilities. Originally brought on for my technical skills, I took on the role as the primary point of contact between engineers, architects, and manufacturers. I rose quickly because of my ability to quickly learn about each field, use that knowledge to solve construction challenges and address the concerns of each set of individuals. By the end of my employment before graduate school, I was trusted to accompany the firm’s partners to client meetings and was sponsored to attend two conferences to represent my employer.

At Carnegie Mellon University, applied data work in a cross-functional context is a cornerstone of my work. For my thesis, I’ve used design, computation, and ethnography to test how interaction parameters affect multi-user behavior. I aim to see how data can be collected from users and processed for future design decisions. Apart from my applied data work, I have also focused on building interdisciplinary teams by collaborating with engineers, artists, and designers on various projects.

If you would like to learn more about my skills and experience, I invite you to contact me, and I am happy to answer any questions.

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