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Design: Campus Library

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Larger Scale of the Archive

A campus library proposal


Design Statement

How can architecture manipulate and emphasize natural landscapes that are so often oppressed in New York City? 

This design creates new community spaces which develop  Barnard College’s influence in the community. 

The programmatic elements of the design focus on enhancing visual continuity throughout the library’s design. The research archive ties the top floor to the entry lobby while mirroring the  study rooms, thus creating a dynamic between material and study. The design finally culminates in a tiered gallery space in which one can experience the combination between the design’s three formal systems: the original rectangle, the planar fold, and the varied fold. 

Barnard College’s campus revolves around the outdoor spaces that provide open air havens to New York City’s urban landscape. 

Each of these natural enclaves represents a confluence between the social, educational, and emotional aspects of life on campus. For my site analysis, I abstracted and analyzed the different components of each space to further deduce the essence of what made these spaces successful.