Community: Workshop at Double Union


In July, 2016, I organized and ran a workshop for the women of Double Union, an all female makerspace in San Francisco dedicated to empowering women and individuals who identify as women in tech and the arts. 

In a full-day workshop, I guided the participants in building a Piccolo, a small, open-source plotterbot originally designed by Diatom Studio. A plotterbot is a CNC robot that can be programmed to move a tool in three dimensions. Piccolo is designed to house human-scale tools like a pen or paintbrush, and outputs designs loaded as a vector or through custom software. Diatom Studio designed the pieces and a basic Arduino code base for the project, but together the workshop participants and I were able to build upon their project and make our own plotterbot. 

The women who attended the workshop came from numerous different backgrounds including the arts, tech, and government.