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Design: Edible Schoolyard

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An Edible Schoolyard in Harlem

A sustainable education center proposal


Design Statement

Nestled in Harlem, NYC, PS101 plans to become the next Edible Schoolyard of NYC. A project begun by Alice Waters in Berkeley CA, this project incorporates the original goals of the Edible Schoolyard within a new setting. This project seeks to create a space for learning about food production, preparation, and distribution, while at the same time becoming a public symbol for a community. 

For this project, I centered the design of the project around creating a self-sustaining educational building. 

I wanted to create a sense of disjunction and so a sort of haven between the exterior urban setting and the educational facility. Within the boundaries of the school, students could feel transported away from the hustle and bustle outside. 

Each element of the design reflects this main goal. For example, the school uses a rain water collection system in order to sustain the vertical and traditional gardens peppered throughout the interior and exterior space, each a small oasis of greenery. 

The school also uses more sustainable practices in order to minimize energy use and focus solely on using the energy provided by solar panels. Finally, the facility becomes a giving-tree as it offers an economic source for educators to reinvest in their school through selling the produce produced on site.