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Writing: Solace In A Near Edge World

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Solace In A Near Edge World

Feature Length Screenplay 


This is a feature-length screenplay that pivots the tropes of science fiction. It follows Lena, a young programmer living in a futuristic "Nuevo" San Francisco, a city where the societal stratification has become hyperbolic. Through a hot-blooded but human plot, it taps into my intimate memories of the Bay Area to present a world where gender norms are shuffled and tectonic power struggles are bathed in holograms.

Screenwriting is how I bring together my lived experiences, interests, and knowledge into kinetic, exhilarating narratives with a critical eye. "Solace" is a vehicle to stage explorations of the ways in which ubiquitous technology shapes individual identity and the popular depiction of gender. I examine the liberating promise of technology when it is brought to bear against all odds by connected, human-scale communities. The script also explores the dichotomy between utopian utility and the ways technology can exacerbate the vulnerabilities of non-privileged groups. 

I interrogate narrative as an agent that can shape, shuffle, and disrupt the actual format of a story. In my work at Carnegie Mellon University, and as an independent writer, I have explored how emerging technologies can be brought into conversation with other artforms to produce new storytelling opportunities.