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Game Design: Guardian Captor

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Guardian Captor

A card-based battle game


This game is for players between the ages of 12-25, aimed specifically at young women. It is for individuals who enjoy competitive card games that have a long-term collecting component. A game for players who enjoy building decks over time and feeling a sense of ownership over their cards, and a game for players who enjoy competitive card battle games.


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A Mystic Arena

In a unique and ritualistic layout, the game pits players against one another through guardian cards. The goal is to “capture” your opponent’s guardian card through a combination of rituals and battlefield control to create a winning strategy.

Players are pushed to create decks that reflect who they are as players, accentuating their preferred strategies.

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A new take on card combat dynamics.

Instead of attack or defense cards, Guardian Captor has offense and ritual cards that must be combined with one another, creating a sense of mysticism and alchemy.

Another new element here is the concept of world cards. The world cards shape the game’s environment. With each new draw of a world card, the game shifts, and players are pushed to react and modify their strategy.

Finally, progression is found through mode shifts that push the players in dramatic ways. The guardian cards have two states: bound and unbound, which change available actions. One isn’t always strictly better than another, and it’s up to the player whether they will risk being bound to gain the benefits of that mode.


Duration of Play:

 The game itself takes approximately 15-25 minutes to complete. A match between well balanced, experienced players could take up to 35 minutes.

This game connects players aesthetically and strategically. It allows for a long-term feeling of attachment as players build a stronger, better deck with each new publication of cards.